What if you were able to monitor your workforce from anywhere, at anytime? Well that is entirely possibly in the construction industry today—and is being used in Washington D.C., right now by three different construction companies.

ADR Software, www.softwareadr.com, Sterling, Va., says it has installed its Workforce Monitor service at three new sites in the Washington D.C. metro area. Workforce Monitor service enables contractors, management teams, and owners to monitor the construction workforce in realtime using an RFID (radio-frequency identification) tracking system to better manage construction projects. Workforce data is uploaded to the cloud where stakeholders can monitor laborers and generate customized reports via any Web-based device. This allows contractors and general owners to collect, document, and evaluate realtime workforce data.

The first site is at INOVA Fairfax Hospital in Fairfax, Va. Shapiro & Duncan Mechanical Contractors, www.shapiroandduncan.com, Rockville, Md., are taking advantage of Workforce Monitor’s bi-directional entry portal. The entry portal can efficiently record when employees leave or enter a jobsite, replacing time cards. With no more waiting to clock in and out, savings increase and time efficiency improves immediately.

“Previously, with the old-time card system, our 150 employees would be waiting in a five to 15 minute line to clock in and the same amount of time to clock out,” says Aubrey Shapiro, project engineer, Shapiro & Duncan. “This was costing us about $1,500 a day, not including the loss in productivity. With ADR’s Workforce Monitor, we immediately saw a significant savings in our bottomline while eliminating the line and gaining online access to our labor information in realtime.”

The next site using this service involves the construction of a high school. Hess Construction, www.hessedu.com, Richmond, Va., is using ADR’s solution for the first time during its construction of Ballou High School in Southeast D.C. Marty Pollak, president, ADR software, says, “Workforce Monitor’s ability to track all traffic on the job will help to ensure the safety of individuals working onsite along with the project’s local community,” In addition, ADR has installed a display screen in the Hess field trailer. This helps Hess manage its day-to-day operations by displaying realtime labor counts by subcontractor on the site’s dashboard.

The last ADR installation was for Forrester Construction Company, www.forresterconstruction.com, Rockville, Md., at 1800K St. NW. Forrester’s project owner wanted realtime visibility into the project’s labor, and ADR provided it.

The three jobsites in Washington D.C. are improving labor efficiency and are saving time and money in doing so. This technology exists today—any construction company can take advantage of work monitoring solutions.