Construction companies may have heard the term RFID (radio-frequency identification), but is the use of technology really moving forward in the industry? A new technology partnership aims to make it easier to add RFID to parts, tools, and other assets.

This week, RF Controls,, St. Louis, Mo., and Stanley Black & Decker,, New Britain, Conn., announced a new joint venture called View Technologies, which is headquartered in Marietta, Ga.,

Together, the new joint venture will provide a suite of software products that will offer a visual representation of tagged items and interface into a customer’s legacy ERP (enterprise-resource planning) and POS (point-of sale) systems.

In the partnership, Stanley Black & Decker is providing manufacturing, sales, marketing, installation, software, and administrative services through its industrial and automotive repair division. RF Controls is providing ongoing scientific development and a global license to its suite of fixed antenna systems.

What will this ultimately mean for the construction industry? Graham Bloy, CTO and chief scientist, RF Controls, says the technology will drive RFID adoption into industries such as aerospace, construction, retail, manufacturing, logistics, and distribution, among others. The technology will make it easier to count, monitor, and track assets and will integrate the data with existing backend systems.

For the construction industry, the use of RFID has long been discussed as a way to easily monitor assets on the jobsite. As more technology providers come to market with partnerships such as this, it will ultimately help drive adoption in construction.