Workflow control, going green, a paperless process; such benefits have all been espoused as the primary benefits of document management software. But often overlooked is the ability for the technology to help with risk mitigation on a project. However, this can be one of the greatest values when it comes to document management technology.

Whether you are dealing with point solutions specifically designed for document and content management, or a comprehensive online collaboration tool, the ability for document control and risk mitigation is essential.

When dealing with large-scale government projects that involve multiple parties and many tiers of approval, this can be a tricky process. In most instances you have things such as cost, schedule, design, and construction documentation that need to be handled with a high level of security. In some instances, companies working on such jobs are required to capture and maintain complete project records for years after the completion of a project in order to help with things like claims management and facility records.

Hill Intl.,, Marlton, N.J., encounters such challenges when working on capital projects. Working with a wide set of parties, including prime contractors and the owner, to name a few, presents its own set of challenges. Striking a right balance between managing critical documentation and coordinating the various disparate technology systems it uses on a project becomes a delicate balancing act that is aided by the right collaboration system.

For instance, Hill works with Aconex,, San Bruno, Calif., and its online collaboration platform, which helps tackle all the aforementioned challenges. It is critical to work with a system that provides tight security over project information and provides a central location for all parties to interact with the data. Through it all, maintaining that accurate and secure record of documentation plays critical throughout the process.

While technology can be a good tool to help assist in the process, it is essential to have a clear and concise strategy set in place before applying the automation layer.

Representatives from Hill Intl., will be on hand at Constructech’s Technology Day on Sept. 14 to present key finding and ROI data from using such a system on government projects.