To protect against hacking, Siber Systems Inc.,, Fairfax, Va., a leading password manager, is providing its Roboform Everywhere software for college and university students for free.

The software, which is normally priced at $19.95 per year, will be made available at no charge for any student who can present a valid college or university email address.

Roboform Everywhere allows users to login to Websites automatically on computers and mobile devices, offering automatic syncing and multifactor authentication to strengthen security on your device.

Roboform users only have to remember one master password and Roboform handles the rest by automatically remembering and entering user passwords for every registered site. Siber Systems encryption technology securely stores all Roboform data with the master password.

“Hacking and data breaches are a growing threat worldwide,” says Bill Carey, Siber Systems vice president of marketing. “We believe that good password management practices should start early and know that it can be a challenge to create multiple strong passwords for use on every site, especially when users access sites on different devices. RoboForm Everywhere makes it easy, and now students, professors and faculty with a valid college or university email address can get RoboForm Everywhere absolutely free.”

To protect against hacking, security experts recommend using strong passwords that contain upper and lower case letters as well as numbers and symbols.

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