Electrical contractor Rosendin Electric, www.rosendin.com, San Jose, Calif., relies on mobile communication and networking technologies to streamline construction practices.

To further that objective, the company recently launched a new Website to reflect its diverse construction and engineering capabilities and activities, and added a new portal for subcontractors to manage their information.

The new Website provides an immediate snapshot of Rosendin Electric’s services, including design-build engineering, BIM (building information modeling), and renewable energy. It also showcases the company’s construction projects, including work in commercial construction, transportation, solar, and wind power and low-voltage wiring.

A new addition to Rosendin.com is a subcontractor portal that allows partner contractors to log in to access information about payment status, insurance certificates, W-9 status, and other documentation. Each subcontractor is assigned a secure account that they use to share documents, paperwork, and invoices for review and approval. The portal will become the primary means of communicating with contractors, and Rosendin Electric executives predict that providing a self-service portal will save hours in administrative time and speed payment processing.

“We continue to incorporate online resources into our everyday operations,” says Sam Lamonica, CIO, Rosendin Electric. “The launch of this new Website with the subcontractor portal marks the next step in promoting online partner collaboration. We expect to use the new Website as a springboard to expand our online capabilities to continue to streamline workflow and business processes.”

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