Thanks to new mobile devices and solutions, more enterprises than ever before are facing the challenges and reaping the benefits of a mobile workforce. In construction, a decentralized “office” containing both field locations and one or more home offices has always been the norm.

While the need for communication among mobile workers is not new, today’s construction companies find themselves at a disadvantage if they cannot harness the latest devices and technologies that enable data access and communication in realtime.

However, not all mobile devices are fit for duty on the construction jobsite. Motion Computing,, Austin, Texas, a provider of mobile technology for enterprise, has announced LINCWorks—a family of portable, rugged wireless devices built to survive the harsh conditions of construction and other industries.

Motion Computing says its LINCWorks RDA (rugged deploy anywhere) products are self-contained, portable units that harness cutting-edge wireless technology, including a proprietary six-antenna array and automated configuration software. The goal is to provide enterprises with instant network connectivity anytime, anywhere.

For construction companies, this connectivity is particularly important. Field workers need to be able to connect with other employees and with the backoffice, while also accessing key project data from a jobsite. For project managers, wireless connectivity ensures they can work away from the office or jobsite, whenever and wherever needed.

Because jobsite conditions are continually changing, an enterprise-wide mobile-connectivity solution should be customizable, self-configuring, and easy to deploy. Devices should also be able to stand up to the harsh, nontraditional environment posed by the construction industry.

The latest LINCWorks products will be housed in a durable, weatherproof casing. Furthermore, Motion Computing says it’s taking a “network-in-a-box” approach; the company’s innovative portable technology will allow users to quickly establish a WAN/LAN (wide area network/local area network), cellular, and/or mesh infrastructure that will pave the way for a reliable exchange of mission-critical data.

Thanks to an upswing in innovation around rugged tablets and other mobile devices built for industries like construction, more enterprises have access to the realtime data and methods for communication they need. With a mobile-connectivity solution in place, these companies can maximize worker productivity and project collaboration, which can lead to better, timelier decisions and optimum project quality.