Construction takes place in dangerous environments and often in existing roadway beds and dense urban areas. CertusView Technologies LLC,, is coming up with solutions for safer precautions.

CertusView licenses patented equipment, hardware, and software solutions for specialty construction and recently announced its new licensing program for microtrenching through CertusView Solutions LLC. The creative technique enhances ability to place fiber optic cable quickly in challenging construction environments.

Microtrenching is minimally invasive and cost effective for the construction industry. The process includes cutting a narrow trench in the existing surface to create a void, evacuating debris, laying cable, flowing a non-shrinking composition into the void, and applying a topping material.
In simpler terms, microtrenching makes a narrow cut in the existing surface and then removes debris from the trench using a specially designed vacuum system. Fiber conduit is placed in the trench afterward with a backfill of custom flowing material.

The microtrenching method limits damage to existing facilities by using a narrow, shallow trench. This process helps people because it minimizes altering current traffic patterns by allowing vehicles to pass through the trench. In using a tractor with a saw and a vacuum truck, microtrenching also permits placement of thousands of feet of cable in the span of one day.

The licensing program saves time and avoids difficult and dangerous situations for both drivers and workers. With this innovative process and updated technology, construction can expect smoother and safer conditions.

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