Data can help construction workers make better decisions; it can also help transportation officials improve roadway safety. A recently announced multi-year program will leverage technology and data to better manage traffic on the New Jersey Turnpike and New Jersey’s Garden State Parkway.

The transportation-management solution comes from IBM, It offers a centralized, federated command and control system that can manage nearly 1,000 devices. The NJTA (New Jersey Turnpike Authority) hopes the solution will add to its Advanced Traffic Management Program by helping to minimize congestion and improve traffic flow for two of the busiest traffic situations in the United States.

IBM says NJTA traffic-management professionals now have a single, comprehensive view of all signs at their command, including access to the tools needed for managing signs that post speed limits and travel messages. By connecting systems in a way that is dynamic and intelligent, the solution will help officials leverage realtime data about roadway conditions and respond, thereby reducing congestion and delays.

The organizations plan to take a multi-year approach by delivering new capabilities in short, manageable cycles. Future delivery cycles will include advanced analytics and predictive capabilities, which will further deliver the types of decision-enhancing data that can change the way roadways are managed in New Jersey and beyond.

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