Industry insiders take note: SAP,, Walldorf, Germany, hosting services for SAP solutions and operations services bring the power of a wide array of solutions, including its in-memory platform, to clients.

To wit, Hitachi Consulting,, Chicago, Ill., has a new certification: as a SAP-certified provider of hosting services for SAP solutions and operations services for the SAP HANA platform. As a complement to the existing Hitachi Consulting Cloud Framework for SAP solutions, this confirms the ability of Hitachi Consulting to deliver comprehensive IT operations services for customers running SAP solutions or applications running on the SAP HANA platform. At first, these new certifications will apply to customers in North America initially.

There will be many benefits: such as, as an SAP-certified provider of hosting services, Hitachi Consulting will provide a cost-effective delivery model for mission-critical SAP applications. And, as an SAP-certified provider of operations services for SAP HANA, Hitachi Consulting can perform a range of IT services related to SAP HANA and to applications running on SAP HANA, from initial proof-of-concepts to rapid deployments for customers of their SAP HANA-based solutions.

Clients that rely on this level of hosting or operating services for their applications can benefit from reduced operational expenses and the ability to focus on the business value of their solutions rather than on infrastructure. Now Hitachi can not only resell SAP solutions and provide implementation services, but can also provide hosting and operations services to help our clients transform their businesses while managing costs and risks.”

As a SAP-certified provider of hosting and operations services, Hitachi Consulting offers: hosting on the Hitachi Consulting Cloud Framework, operations services for SAP HANA, and Hitachi Consulting Industry Cloud for SAP solutions.

The journey to achieve these certifications from SAP, Hitachi Consulting’s infrastructure, physical and logical security measures, processes, portal, and technical staff included extensive review by SAP to validate the operational integration of its support of SAP applications to help ensure compliance with SAP’s requirements for quality, availability and security. And, to ensure ongoing high standards for the management of SAP solutions, SAP-certified providers of hosting and operations services undergo a rigorous assessment of their delivery and support capabilities every two years by SAP’s outsourcing partner certification group.

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