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Carol Stream, Ill. — June 30, 2015 — Drones allow general contractors to snap shots of a jobsite, collect data, and save money for construction firms, all in one-full swoop. While many construction companies are just beginning to take advantage of drones, there are still others that have yet to embrace their benefits at jobsites, let alone consider cybersecurity.

With cyber hacking and other security issues making headline news just about every day, Constructech is pleased to announce Cybersecurity Expert and CEO, Scott Schober, Berkeley Varitronics Systems, will speak at this year’s Technology Day conference on August 27 at Maggiano’s Little Italy in Schaumburg, Ill., to discuss security considerations for drones on construction jobsites.

“Drones are advancing rapidly and becoming the next security threat. Companies are eyeing them up for aerial photography, delivery services, media, while other unsavory individuals use them for spying and hacking,” explains Schober. “Wireless cyber threat detection tools can effectively detect and locate drones and their pilots by warning and thwarting a potential wireless breach.”

Peggy Smedley, editorial director, Constructech, says, “Drones are one of the latest devices to come to the construction jobsite, with real tangible benefits. However, construction companies need to prepare for a breach, as security threats are imminent. With this innovation, the bad guys have found a way to infiltrate information creating havoc and becoming a true threat for companies.”

Schober realizes the true value and benefits drones can provide the industry. Register to hear his thoughts on how companies improve cybersecurity for drones.

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