Technology solutions can save contractors both time and money, but multiple software programs for one task can be cumbersome. The key for construction companies looking to maximize resources is to select a solution that streamlines workflow, rather than maintaining numerous systems.

Stellos Electric,, Nashua, N.H., an electrical contractor that has been in business for more than 50 years, found itself burdened by the multiple software programs it was using to maintain business operations. The company says it was using different programs to schedule jobs, to obtain job and work order information, and to manage financial performance.

In an effort to improve Stellos’ workflow efficiency and stay competitive in today’s economy, management knew it had to adopt a solution that would integrate its former processes into a more manageable, streamlined solution.

Recently, the company announced it selected Sage Master Builder from Sage,, Beaverton, Ore., as its new construction software solution.

The construction-specific business-management system allows contractors to track and manage every aspect of a job. This includes producing accurate estimates; providing quick access to financial data; managing vendors and subcontractors; monitoring cash flow and job costs; and tracking equipment and inventory.

Alyson Stellos, accounting and human resources manager, Stellos Electric, says, “We needed a better way to track information and assist the accounting department to share information with estimators and job supervisors. We were using spreadsheets to create and manage many of the documents we needed, but that only created more systems that we needed to maintain.”

According to the company, once it implemented the new solution, employees had access to a comprehensive estimating, job costing, and accounting solution that could be relied on for accurate estimate analysis of each job’s profitability.

Although construction-spending reports for January 2011 reflect a still-dim economy, success stories such as Stellos Electric prove technology can be a resource to help construction companies thrive by harnessing tools for operational efficiency.

By saving man-hours, companies that implement streamlined technology solutions can add to the bottomline, increasing their ROI (return on investment). When hours and dollars count, choosing the right solution can help contractors maximize resources and survive the downturn.