Inspection and quality assurance are vital to a job’s success, and Web-based applications that automate those components of project elevate productivity.

To that end, Service Software,, Littleton, Colo., recently introduced its new inspection-management application, InspectionManager.Net, a cloud-based software application that automates the inspection and quality assurance process.

The application streamlines inspection-management processes, enabling professionals in the field to organize and automate their day-to-day inspections. Additionally, the dashboard-driven system is designed to allow easier communication between jobs, customers, and vendors/sub-contractors. The cloud-based technology comes standard with a variety of features bridging the gap between acquisition of data and data management.

The application supports Windows and Mac iOS and has a user interface designed for both platforms.

“Our research and development has been focused on uniting our Web-based software and clients in new ways that foster maximum productivity and ease of use,” says Daniel Long, president, Service Software. “This application offers solutions that jump-start the inspection and quality assurance process in ways that will make you better, faster, and more organized than ever.”

InspectionManager.Net is designed to help users save money by completing inspections in the field, reducing time needed to complete reports, automating quality insurance test plans by using standardized templates. It also eliminates duplicate entry by assigning issues to the appropriate person, team, and trade partner and reviewing items found during the inspection process and completing them in the field.

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