What progress is being made on your jobsite right now? With construction technology, it’s possible to monitor and document construction projects on an ongoing basis, even from a remote location or mobile device. New technology advances can also easily share this information with the public through social networking for increased project visibility.

With the need for a heightened level of transparency, construction companies that deploy camera solutions are able to more easily create comprehensive progress reports, compile compliance documents, and generally manage day-to-day jobsite activity.

EarthCam, www.earthcam.net, Hackensack, N.J., a provider of Webcam technology and services, is one company offering a monitoring solution for the construction industry. EarthCam’s Control Center 7 is an SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution that allows jobsite managers to control networked cameras from any computer or mobile device. The technology also allows clients to remotely check on progress, increasing the opportunity for project accountability and communication.

This week, Earthcam released a new version of its solution—Control Center version 7.9—which offers new features and upgrades for construction professionals. Since social media is an important medium for businesses today, the new version integrates tools for not only viewing a project, but sharing it with the public via Facebook and Twitter.

EarthCam says clients can take a snapshot of progress and promote it to the public through social-network integration, generating Website traffic and increased project awareness. iPhone and Android device users can also download a Control Center mobile app to take the solution on the go.

Bill Sharp, vice president of technology, Earthcam, says other enhancements to version 7.9 include improved server performance, new image-processing capabilities, and low-latency bandwidth.

The benefits of realtime information are substantial in many areas of the construction jobcycle. The ability to monitor and more accurately document progress on a jobsite can add to a company’s ability to communicate, not only among team members and clients, but with the public at large.