Today’s construction technology drives speed in innovation, decision-making, and creative execution—and one new piece of technology will track tools being used by each of its project crews.

As an example of this continued maturation, Viewpoint Construction Software’s,, Portland, Ore., Business Incubator team recently released ShareMyToolbox, a tool-sharing application that allows anyone with an inventory of tools to share and use tools with others in his or her workplace or community.

Building upon the benefits of the sharing movement within social networks, the ShareMyToolbox app allows users to choose who can share their tools, track who has their tools, and also track when they need to be returned. A DIY’er would use ShareMyToolbox to create a social network of power tool users who can help with home projects, while a contractor would use ShareMyToolbox to track the tools being used by each of its project crews.

The ramp-up of ShareMyToolbox commemorates the first product available from Viewpoint’s Business Incubator program. Viewpoint created the program in 2014 to encourage an entrepreneurial environment for new business concepts and product ideas serving the construction market are seeded and quickly executed upon by Viewpoint team members.

The availability of ShareMyToolbox is just one example as to how an incubator program can jump-start and encourage new product development from a grass-roots level, according to Jay Haladay, CEO of Viewpoint. The company’s innovative culture helped advance the product, and the Viewpoint’s Business Incubator helps institutionalize innovation to ensure that Viewpoint stays at the forefront of products and technology for the next century, he adds.

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