Heavy machinery has traditionally relied upon skilled operators to guide and control their actions to ensure consistent and efficient operation to complete quality jobs.  These operators are inconsistent and rely upon their sight, memory, and skill.

In the case of soil, landfill, or asphalt compactors, the results vary with under-compacted or over-compacted areas, leaving imperfect surface quality. Thus, the amount of time and fuel wasted varies by operator.

Trimble Navigation, www.trimble.com, Sunnyvale, Calif., is a company that is in the business of using time and positioning data to integrate technology into heavy construction and engineering applications.

To address inconsistencies inherent in operator-reliant machine control, Trimble has recently introduced new versions of their GCS900 Grade Control System for bulldozers and their CCS900 Compaction Control System for compactors.

The GCS900 version 12.7 comes with GradeMax Plus, which uses location and terrain information to remove constraints the operator would otherwise put on themselves. The technology drives the valves on the dozer blades for smooth movement over inconsistent surfaces, slopes, or turns. The freedom from these constraints allows for faster and more consistent and accurate results.

The CCS900 version 12.7 for soil, landfill, or asphalt compactors introduces wireless data sharing between compactors on a single site. The compactors take this data between machines to orchestrate the movements of the different machines over the site or landfill to ensure even coverage, improving the surface quality, and reducing fuel and time. Operators can see what areas have already been compacted and which still require work. Trimble’s SNM940 Connected Site Gateway telematics device is required to take advantage of this new capability.

Both new systems are expected to be released worldwide in the second quarter of 2015 through Trimble’s worldwide SITECH Technology Dealer Channel.

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