Data is the hub of all projects, and in the construction industry, cloud-based workflow software is increasingly driving benefits. These transparent solutions impel a tighter, seamless workflow that ups productivity, enhances asset and material management, and improves jobsite safety and quality control.

Recently, two companies announced workflow management design with significant adaptable features. Topcon Positioning Group’s,, Livermore, Calif., workflow management system connects all sites, all data, crews, and equipment, offering constant communication, data sharing, scheduling, updating, supporting, and accurate productivity data in real-time—no matter where the job or the office is located.

The cloud-based Topcon Enterprise Solutions provides connectivity from any office or remote user, to any site, to each enabled machine and field crew, throughout the entire project lifecycle. This system is designed to allow users quicker accessibility and management of increasing volumes of data, thereby exponentially increasing a company’s efficiency. Integrating data in a cloud-based environment from Topcon software services like Sitelink3D or MAGNET allows users to make time-sensitive decisions faster. Additionally, the system can be deployed to key partners of the company, such as engineers and subcontractors, enabling instant updating of job files, material volumes, and equipment schedules instantly with assured accuracy.

As another example, Trimble,, Sunnyvale, Calif., has launched InSphere platform for geospatial information management. A unique approach for central management of geospatial operations, Trimble InSphere improves workflow, maximizes efficiency, and transforms the way geospatial professionals work and access critical operational information.

As a cloud-based platform for central management of geospatial applications, data, and services, Trimble InSphere has an easy-to-use framework that provides access to multiple applications, including three productivity-enhancing apps: Trimble InSphere Data Manager, Trimble InSphere Equipment Manager, and Trimble TerraFlex. Also, Trimble Access Services provides a seamless data connection between surveyors in the field and managers in the office. InSphere allows organizations to manage everything in one place, accessible anytime, and virtually anywhere.

And the innovation keeps coming; the industry will be on the watch for more tools like these, which boost overall operating efficiency and simplify data access, so the benefits of this information can be shared more readily with those who need it.