Today it seems everyone wants to work smarter in the field. The demands of the job often require workers to be connected around the clock, including when they are at remote jobsites. Technology solutions are facilitating this type of connectivity, even at the level of the field office.

To help workers stay connected, ZBRELLA,, New York, N.Y., introduced the SmartTrailer. It’s a mobile field office packed with technology features designed to provide a variety of mobile solutions specifically geared toward construction.

The SmartTrailer is able to integrate with ZBRELLA’s construction project management software solutions, providing managers with access to the same tools and data whether they are in the field or at their home office. SmartTrailer can also be customized to meet the needs of the project manager.

A variety of mobile office solutions are available to SmartTrailer users, including cloud-based services, team communications, financial updates, and blueprint access. In addition to these technology solutions, SmartTrailer also offers a number of the everyday services needed by an office. These include things like cleaning, furniture, security monitoring, equipment such as copiers and printers, as well as training and support for using the mobile office.

While ZBRELLA offers a complete office solution, from the connectivity link to the janitorial services, other mobile workforce offerings are provided through software. For instance, Sprint,, offers the cloud-based workforce management tool pdvConnect, which allows field workers to communicate with a dispatcher or front office while reducing voice traffic and on-hold times.

pdvConnect also highlights workers’ location and status on a console map for use by project managers, and it enables field workers to enter information for time cards and reports while they out at the jobsite.

Solutions such as these make it more convenient for mobile workers to stay connected to the home office, while also simplifying paperwork and saving time. By promoting efficiencies, construction firms can support their bottomline and make life easier for workers.