A new initiative is underway to revitalize basic training programs designed to educate construction workers and help create and implement ways to alleviate the anticipated shortage of skilled and qualified employees. Leveraging the lessons learned from the manufacturing industry back in the ‘80s, these sessions are designed to encourage manufacturers, governmental, and educational leaders to develop a talent pool of better qualified employees.

If this labor shortage continues, many construction companies will not be able to bid on jobs, slowing the completion of projects, ultimately increasing costs and impacting jobsite safety in general. The economic impact could be catastrophic, if not addressed.

Now is the time to do more and to help companies buttress the efforts of those within the companies and at the university level to develop and nurture the next generation of construction professionals to address the labor shortage. An emphasis must be put on support and encouragement for companies using jobsite training and education.

The Academy series will begin at Iowa State University. The programs are focused on students, skilled laborers, and employees seeking to understand how they can sharpen their deftness by first thinking differently about the positions that are available, and the skills that are required. Each session will examine all aspects of state-of-the-art systems and solutions that are shaping the future of innovation as well as the human requirements to fulfill every job.

The New Human Skillset Academy will host sessions that combine the best advice in skills mentoring and professional development for personal growth. These unique thought leadership forums will consist of the top influencers who bring business and leadership best practices by focusing on the necessary strengths required to advance amid increasing uncertainty and to seize opportunities at all levels.

Key Takeaways:

  • Embrace uncertainty and advance despite the worker shortage challenge
  • Become a problem-solver and forge ahead
  • Never give up and see what’s over the horizon
  • Work with a team, huddle in group to solve the bigger challenge
  • Always be open to the next challenge

To learn more contact Peggy Smedley at  630-933-0844 ext. 226