These days, cities are becoming more connected, leveraging sensors and other wireless devices alongside the existing infrastructure. As this becomes more common, construction companies need to be aware of how infrastructure will become connected.

GE,, a provider of energy-efficient solutions for commercial, industrial, municipal, and residential settings, has announced two new pilots that will demonstrate its new connected LED lighting solution. The software-enabled lighting solution could act as a gateway to creating smarter cities.

Later this spring and summer, GE says one city on each U.S. coast—San Diego, Calif., and Jacksonville, Fla.—will begin piloting its intelligent LED solution to connect streetlights, collect data, and analyze this data. The solution will help the two cities work smarter and more efficiently while also providing convenience and new services for residents.

The solution will also give participating cities access to realtime data they never had access to before. Maryrose Sylvester, president and CEO of GE Lighting, says as part of the San Diego and Jacksonville pilots, GE will be working with the cities to analyze data trends and determine where the solution holds the most value, including how it will ultimately be used.

Further, the company hopes its technology, which is driven by GE’s Predix software platform for asset performance management, will provide a platform for the “future development of intelligent applications.” The mayors of each participating city hope this example of a public-private partnership will help drive innovation and transform the way today’s municipalities approach 21st-century problems.

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