Few would disagree that something exciting is finally happening in the construction industry. More specifically, there is a positive undercurrent that is driving construction professionals to think positively and as a result this is moving the industry forward and it is growing stronger with each and every day. Much of the new birth of the segment is being driven by technology and much of that stems from the global smart-home and building market.

While much is being boosted by government regulations, rising energy costs, and an overall awareness in technology, innovation is continuing to play a significant role in how the construction community is applying new solutions for both residential and commercial projects.

Energy efficiency is not a fad but a way of life for both builders and homeowners, and it’s something that is driving commercial construction projects to focus on reducing greenhouse effects and high-energy costs. To achieve these objectives, the construction industry as a whole is more determined than ever to stay a steady course in good times and in bad. It’s now become a standard way of life changing an industry forever and that means working on creating smart-home features and smart buildings to meet demand.

Also notable, LED lighting technology is growing in popularity due to its ability to provide a higher color rendering index and greater efficiency for an existing lighting system. These features are pushing the adoption of LED lighting over conventional lighting systems. What’s more, energy-efficient appliances and improved water-consumption systems are making great strides unlike ever before.

As apps grow in popularity, homeowners will continue to look for ways to use their ability to access data anytime and anywhere in more ways to control their connected devices and appliances. Thus, connected appliances will continue to be brought to market that can be controlled via smartphones and can communicate realtime actionable data that will ultimately help draw more consumers to the market.

Contractors are harnessing emerging technologies by driving digital initiatives. Many construction professionals recognize that technology—especially big data, smart solutions, and analytics—presents an opportunity to inform actionable insights, improve efficiency, and drive the growth and profitability of their organizations unlike in anytime in the past. And it’s for this reason we are seeing a shared enthusiasm and optimism about new starts and construction projects for 2015.

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