For homebuilders, building homes that have connected functionality can be a value add. However, understanding the technology can be challenging.

Behind the explosion of mobile devices, solutions, and IoT (Internet of Things) deployments are silicon solutions and semiconductors that are evolving rapidly as innovation continually calls for faster, smaller, and more energy efficient devices.

Marvell,, Hamilton, Bermuda,a fabless semiconductor company with expertise in microprocessor architecture and digital-signal processing, has recently announced its IoT chipset is the base for a smart module from Xiaomi,, Beijing, China, a hardware, software, and Internet services company. Xiaomi says its module integrates Wi-Fi and complete communication protocol with Xiaomi Cloud, which enables third-party manufacturers to upgrade their traditional devices to smart devices.

In addition, Marvell’s chip has also been integrated into some of Xiaomi’s smart-home products—particularly, its smart air purifier and smart hub. As the smart home builds momentum among the vast consumer base in China, the two companies look forward to extending their partnership to bring new IoT solutions to market to meet this demand.

Marvell has also announced its advanced Avastar 88W8887 and 88W8897 SoCs (system-on-chips) now support the Wi-Fi Alliance’s NAN (neighbor awareness networking) specification, which leverages Wi-Fi in low-power background mode to make mobile devices more aware of devices, people, and services in their proximity.

Using unique peer-to-peer technology that does not require realtime connection to a Wi-Fi infrastructure, a server, or GPS, Marvell says the technology’s use cases include indoor navigation and LBS (location-based services), location-based advertising and couponing, and social gaming, among others.

Indoor location has historically presented many challenges, but it offers myriad possibilities for location-based apps and services that leverage the ubiquity of mobile devices. As Marvell continues to enable progress verticals such as smart home and LBS, it is helping to take the IoT to the next level.

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