What’s with all the talk about smart lighting? Will it play a big role in the homes and buildings your company is building today?

Simon Coombes, CTO of Gooee, https://gooee.com, an M2M and IoT (Internet of Things) company that designs, engineers, and supplies hardware, software, and data-management components across the LED lighting value chain, says all the hype is because lighting is “the most pervasive and ubiquitous endpoint” within a building. Therefore, Coombes says lighting can be leveraged for so much more in terms of gathering data and interacting with its environment.

A collaboration between Gooee and EVRYTHNG, https://evrythng.com, an IoT smart products platform that connects consumer products to the Web and manages realtime data to drive applications, could be an important step toward building a global sensory network platform—or, as the companies call it, an “operating system” for smart connected lighting.

EVRYTHNG refers to the current opportunity in the lighting space as a sort of “perfect storm.” For instance, the company says LED lighting is going through massive infrastructure changes on the global stage as legacy technologies are phased out. Simultaneously, EVRYTHNG says the sheer everywhere-ness of lighting in homes, enterprises, industrial facilities, and retail locations makes it an ideal platform for deploying wide-scale IoT technology and, in turn, creating immense value.

The EVRYTHNG PaaS (platform-as-a-service) will enable GOOEE to operate millions of smart lighting endpoints while also enabling the management and analysis of the data being sent to and from these endpoints. The companies says benefits of their collaboration could include increased value in the LED lighting, energy services, and smart metering sectors; greater lighting control and flexibility; reduced energy and maintenance costs; and access to applications such as security systems, environment management, and product scanning for logistics and tracking applications.

By creating a smart lighting platform upon which value-added services can be offered, lighting becomes not only a way to create value in terms of energy savings and convenience, it becomes much more.

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