In a buyer’s market, homebuilders are looking for ways to differentiate their offerings in the eyes of the customer. One way many residential construction firms are doing this is by providing energy-efficient options and upgrades for homebuyers. By adding innovative, smart-home technologies to their portfolio, builders are not only investing in their customers, they are investing in their image.

For residential firms focused on new construction, Control4,, Salt Lake City, Utah, offers several new options to make homes more energy efficient. The company is an established player in the smart-home space, offering control solutions for lighting, music, video, energy, and security systems.

This month, Control4 announced its latest lineup of smart lighting solutions. The wireless designs are stylish, customizable, and suitable for residential and commercial applications—including both retrofit and new construction. The company says the new product family includes enhanced customization options that reduce programming complexity.

As global demand for home-control systems builds, solutions like Control4’s are a viable option for construction companies looking to offer the latest and greatest in home automation. New products include the Control4 Wireless Keypad Dimmer, which combines dimming capabilities with a customizable keypad that offers one-touch control over lighting and other systems.

The new lineup also includes the Control4 Wireless Fan Speed Controller, which delivers fan-speed control, and the Control4 Wireless Switch, which provides control for all types of loads, including LED lights, incandescent lights, halogens, and fluorescents, as well as ceiling fans and ventilation fans. Control4 also offers a mobile application, MyHome, which allows customers to control their systems remotely.

Control4 says by integrating wired and wireless lighting controls and supporting a broad range of load types and voltages, its solutions apply in both residential and commercial markets. The new wireless lighting products will begin shipping next month.

When it comes to energy-efficient options, builders are looking for flexible solutions that can be easily integrated into a home—whether it’s a retrofit or a new build. By offering these types of technology solutions, builders add value to the home—not just aesthetic value, but financial value.

As more consumers look to collect energy-usage data and seek ways to automate processes and reduce consumption, builders should prepare to offer the smart-home solutions homebuyers want.