Smart-water management makes a lot of sense for facilities managers, considering water is a limited natural resource.

Because water is also a rapidly growing utility cost, technology that enables more control over both cost and usage is becoming an increasingly important way utilities owners and managers of multi-family housing units, and commercial companies are investing in their future.

Banyan Water,, a provider of smart-water management as a service, has launched the second generation of its water-management platform, Banyan Water Central. The platform provides critical visibility into consumption patterns, which the company says can reduce water use by an average of 65% or more.

Banyan Water Central provides both realtime data and analysis of water use by commercial and multi-family properties. The data explorer feature provides in-depth insight into water use. For instance, the platform will plot multiple meters to demonstrate trends, compare actual usage to historic usage and target goals, and aggregate data in monthly, daily, hourly, and 15-minute data intervals.

Through the dashboards feature, the solution transforms this granular data into actionable intelligence. Realtime alerts let users know if there is a water flow or consumption anomaly, speeding time to action. Using realtime and historic usage data, the system can also help users identify concrete opportunities for cost savings.

The system even helps manage outdoor water systems such as irrigation. By factoring in soil moisture, rain events, and evaporation, the solution knows when to apply water and when not to. Because the platform can be accessed by any Internet-connected device, Banyan Water Central offers the insights, data, and tools users need to manage and understand their water use on a daily basis.

Visibility helps businesses be more mindful about lost efficiencies, which they can then work to gain back. But as population numbers grow throughout the world, the ability to use technology to sustainability use our natural resources is even more important than the bottomline.

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