Want to keep an eye on the jobsite while remaining energy efficient? A new solar-powered Webcam gives construction professionals the opportunity to monitor projects, while minimizing energy consumption.

TrueLook, www.truelook.com, Winston-Salem, N.C., recently announced a new solar-powered Webcam system specifically designed for construction jobsites. This provides wireless, off-the-grid solutions for time-lapsing and live monitoring of projects.

With this type of a device, construction companies are able to keep the perimeter secure, while also minimizing costs associated with energy consumption.

The company says the battery stores five days of backup power and has a LED (light-emitting diode) indicator for charging status and battery level. Additionally, the device offers both 90W (watt) and 130W panel options. For construction companies, this helps decrease costs and makes it easier to move Webcams from one site to another without recalculating each location’s panel requirements.

In addition to providing monitoring capabilities in a solar-powered Webcam, TrueLook says setup is easy, with no electrical wiring required. Once the camera has power, it automatically connects to the TrueLook service using a built-in cellular modem.

With this solar-powered device, construction companies are also eligible for a federal tax credit on renewable energy.

Lately, there have been a number of camera companies targeting the construction market. Sensera Systems, www.senserasystems.com, Golden, Colo., also recently announced the public launch of the company and the availability of its MC-30 MultiSense Camera product, which has remote sensing and imaging capabilities for construction.

As the industry continues to look for new ways to keep an eye on the jobsite, Webcams provide a good option. It is a matter of determining the needs of each project and finding the Webcam that offers the best fit.

While the advantages of working with electronic plans are commonly recognized, this integration specifically targeting the residential construction industry offers a number of unique capabilities. As one example, users will find efficiencies and effectiveness that adds even more to their bottomlines.