Construction companies are more and more expanding BIM (building information modeling) across design, construction, and operation—and technology providers continue to release new solutions to meet the needs of the industry.

As another example for more BIM innovation, GRAPHISOFT,, Waltham, Mass., announced the latest version of its industry-leading BIM software solution for architects and designers. ARCHICAD 19 sets a standard for BIM performance by extending its robust 64-bit and multi-processing technologies with predictive background processing.

Consequently, ARCHICAD now offers faster response times and introduces major improvements—most importantly to its intuitiveness and responsiveness—offering a unique, fluid feel to interactions with the software, including patent-pending predictive background processing capability.

End-users perceive software performance as one single measurement. However, it is the combination of a large number of factors, according to Peter Temesvari, director, product management, GRAPHISOFT.

ARCHICAD 19 benefits include improved work environment, with a new Tab Bar for multiple viewpoints, which makes for quick switching among floor plans, sections, elevations, and 3D windows.

Other benefits of the technology include permanent guidelines to provide permanent graphical support for accurate element creation and editing; an Interactive 3D Surface Painter for intuitive ‘drag-and-drop’ building model surface editing in 3D, which provides instant, visual feedback; smoother, faster 3D navigation with OpenGL; and predictive background processing, which ARCHICAD 19 takes advantage of unused computer capacity by anticipating potential future user actions and preparing for them in the background.

All these enhancements greatly increase the overall responsiveness of the application, so it feels more agile with projects of any type or size.

For construction companies, these types of updates to technology will ultimately improve collaboration and the BIM process on projects in the future.

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