On every construction project, there are some universal technology challenges that exist: retention requirements, document control, duplicate data, silo information, and IT upkeep. For large-scale capital programs, there are a few additional items to consider: complex funding, different contract types, and various repositories across project stakeholders, among others.

Whether you are working on large-scale capital programs or general construction projects, collaboration technology could be the solution to help minimize some of the common challenges the IT department faces.

One such example comes from Denver’s RTD (Regional Transportation District), www.rtd-denver.com, Denver, Colo., which currently has more than 40 construction projects divided into two major improvement programs.

The organization faces several challenges when managing dozens of projects across various teams including how to retain data, manage funding and contracts, and share project information across the project stakeholders—which requires a heavy amount of IT upkeep.

In order to manage these challenges, RTD is using collaboration technology—in combination with best-of-breed solutions—to improve information sharing across the team.

Being able to share information seamlessly across an entire project is a top priority for many organizations today, and collaboration technology can help capture and store information while also providing an online platform for team members to access the data in one central location.

In particular, this will help companies make better use of IT resources and infrastructure, minimize duplicate data, establish best practices, organize project data, create more reliable budgets, improve productivity, and enhance the flow of project information.

For instance, RTD is using a collaboration platform from Aconex, www.aconex.com, San Bruno, Calif., to help enable the organization to address all these challenges and provide a central location for all project team members to access information about the project.

Are you interested in learning more about how collaboration technology can help your organization? Collaboration will be a topic of discussion at this year’s Technology Day byConstructech magazine on September 14, just outside of Chicago. Representatives from RTD will be at the event to discuss how the organization is using technology to solve some of the most common IT challenges in the construction industry today.