According to a Pew Research Center study,, the number of Spanish speakers in the United States has grown from 10 million in 1980 to 37 million today. The same study projected that number to continue to rise through 2020.

Whether the long-term language use of today’s Spanish speakers follows trends from other non-English languages such as Italian, German, and Polish speakers, in which successive generations spoke English-only, or if Spanish will be different, the sheer number of speakers today creates a need to for accommodating Spanish alongside English.

In the construction field, according to Center for Construction Research and Training, as of 2009, Hispanic workers held 25% of positions as opposed to 13.9% of all industries. With this in mind, a number of technology providers have created tools to accommodate this need.

For example, ClarkDietrich,, West Chester, Ohio, has just made its iTools Web application in Spanish.

iTools is targeted to assist architects and contractors with purchasing decisions and product selection for cold-formed steel framing projects. iTools includes the interior walls and ceilings design tool as part of the ProSTUD Drywall Framing System, as well as the Shaftwall framing design tools.

This release follows other initiatives by ClarkDietrich to reach Spanish speakers including its release earlier this year of a comprehensive brochure on its interior and exterior framing products and cold-formed steel framing and BIM (building information modeling) design services. Bill Courtney, building systems CEO, ClarkDietrich, expresses a commitment to its diverse customer base to provide the best tools to help them do their jobs.

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