With the wild and wintry weather conditions that hit the Northeast from time to time, an HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) contractor could be called upon to respond to multiple heating emergencies. A specialty contractor with a robust operation would appear to be in a solid position to react to such challenges, while continuing to focus on expanding new commercial construction and industrial work.

Sound Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, www.soundairconditioning.com, Hyde Park, N.Y., is an established HVAC contractor serving customers in the state of New York and surrounding areas, counting clients in the financial, entertainment, hospital, retail, and telecommunications industries.

Experienced in renovations, both plan and specification or design and install, the specialty construction business can accommodate a range of projects. Among its other HVAC specialties are energy management, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), refurbishment/replacement of existing systems, system design, and troubleshooting and maintenance.

Seeking improved enterprise-class financial control and construction operations management, the specialty contractor recently signed with Computer Guidance Corp., www.computerguidance.com, Scottsdale, Ariz., to upgrade to the latest ERP (enterprise-resource planning) platform offered by the developer of software solutions for the construction industry.

“We are always focused on improving our customers’ experiences and our teams’ overall productivity. By upgrading to Computer Guidance’s cloud-based Hosted eCMS v.4.0 Platform, we will have greater visibility to our operations and financial performance leveraging many advanced productivity tools such as business intelligence, enterprise content management, and more,” says Steve Marentis, president of Sound Refrigeration & Air Conditioning.

He adds, “eCMS v.4.0 allows for data transparency among users, departments, and disciplines that drives improved productivity and ultimately improved customer service and experience.”

Through the eCMS v.4.0 platform, Sound Refrigeration & Air Conditioning will rely on Computer Guidance’s core financial applications, equipment accounting, job costing, payroll, order processing, purchasing, human resources, time and material billing, project management, service management applications, and a number of productivity tools to manage its HVAC systems design and implementation business for commercial and industrial buildings.

“Information is the most vital asset to any enterprise. And delivering the critical data users need depends on fast, reliable, and integrated applications, which is what our eCMS v.4.0 ERP platform is all about,” comments Mike Bihlmeier, president at Computer Guidance Corp.

“Our customers need visibility into their operations and financials in order to identify and quickly resolve problems or act upon opportunities before they impact their businesses,” Bihlmeier continues. “With our innovative Business Intelligence and Analytics applications, eCMS v.4.0 customers are armed with a variety of tools that serve up business-critical data when, where, and in ways it is needed.”

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