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If you are still physically preparing and shipping bid packages, you know it is a time consuming and costly way to share project files. New file sharing tools can simplify the process, saving your firm time and money. In addition, online file sharing provides you and your team with instant access to files, from the office or on a jobsite.

Citrix ShareFile is a file sharing tool that was specifically built for business use. With Web-based, large-file transfer, ShareFile eliminates the need for printing, mailing, and FTP and allows you to work from anywhere using your phone or tablet. Thousands of architecture and construction professionals use ShareFile to instantly create customized portals to securely post and share drawings and documents with clients and vendors. ShareFile can even help you send large drawing and media files via email without worry about attachment size limitations or delivery problems.

Easy and Efficient

Firms like William Hezmalhalch Architects (WHA, Inc.),, Santa Ana, Calif., find ShareFile to be an easier and more efficient way to transfer files compared with other methods.

“The biggest impact ShareFile has had on our firm is the ability it gives us to streamline operations,” says Brian Crooker, IT manager, WHA. “We are able to provide documents to our clients and consultants in much less time, without any of the hassles we experienced earlier with email and FTP.”

Mobile Access

With ShareFile, you don’t have to download, install, and manage complicated software. Instead, you can log in to your ShareFile Website to access your project files. You can share large drawings and even entire bid packages with coworkers, subcontractors, and project partners in just a few clicks. ShareFile mobile apps allow you to easily view and send specifications and drawings from project sites, using any device.

“ShareFile’s ease of use has led to an extremely high adoption rate of ShareFile over FTP, and we see it as clearly offering the most logical and easy way to share files. It was the solution we had been looking for,” Crooker says of WHA’s decision to use ShareFile.

Secure and Trackable

In addition to a more user-friendly experience, ShareFile provides enhanced file and project management tools that mail, email, FTP, and other file sharing apps can’t match. With ShareFile, you can track access to your files so you know when they are received. Custom permissions allow you to control what files and bid packages you share with individual users and to determine how other people may interact with your files. ShareFile protects all files with encryption during transfer and storage, so you can trust that your intellectual property remains confidential and within your firm’s control at all times.

Citrix ShareFile offers a 30-day free trial. Sign up today at, or call our construction industry specialists at 1 888.324.0167 to learn more.

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