One residential renovation company is in the final stages of completing development of a product that it indicates will be suitable and compatible with U.S. roof construction.

ProGreen Properties,, Birmingham, Mich., had announced that the company had signed a letter of intent with Soltech Energy Sweden AB,, Tullinge, Sweden, relating to its proprietary and intelligent solar energy system, and initially intends to try this product on suitable properties, with the intent, once properly tested, to implement the solution on all viable properties.

ProGreen Properties is engaged in the business of acquiring, refurbishing, and upgrading residential real estate into modern affordable homes, with some being aimed at the local real estate market and some being leased and subsequently sold to European property investors.

The product, explains ProGreen, has been developed together with SolTech’s Asian partner and fulfills two functions in one, being both a roof cladding and integrated solar solution, producing electricity. This makes it, according to ProGreen, perhaps the first esthetically appealing solution for implementation of solar energy.

“We are very happy to have reached this point in our collaboration with SolTech and expect to further integrate SolTech’s technology in our homebuilding here in the U.S. over the coming years,” says Jan Telander, president and chief executive officer, ProGreen.

ProGreen conveys that it intends to deepen its collaboration with SolTech in more areas of energy efficiency for heating and cooling of homes. “Our goal,” continues Telander, “has always been to be able to produce sustainable energy efficient homes with advanced integrated solar technology, and we now feel we can see the finishing line.”

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