Insurance Partnerships

Insurance companies become more important to contractors through partnerships. For example, National General Insurance Group (NatGen), providing expertise in high-net-worth insurance underwriting and claims, formed a partnership with CORE Group. CORE Group is a network of repair experts serving the same market This alliance gives NatGen Premier policyholders access to CORE’s restoration service providers should their home suffer property damage of any kind. CORE contractors meet the industry standards needed to perform the work, and are experienced, insured and fully vetted.

Smart Construction, Aided by 3D and Prefab

Smart construction is here—and it is being spurred on by new, emerging technology and innovative building methods including 3D printing and scanning and prefabrication. Also, it is spanning all segments of construction, from residential homes to infrastructure projects.

Digital Twin Comes to Infrastructure

Despite the split U.S. Congress, infrastructure historically is one of those issues that gets bi-partisan support. With that in mind, our elected officials are going to have to find ways to work together to accomplish key goals that benefit the American people and that just might mean getting buy-in from both sides of the political aisle—Democrats and Republicans—because an investment in the nation’s infrastructure often equates to an investment in its future economic success. President Trump has made some big promises, but the Federal Government’s next move in infrastructure investment remains to be seen.

Two Crucial Pieces of the Labor Puzzle

Now, more than ever, construction needs to develop its workforce. As we have been reporting about here at Constructech all year, the labor shortage is impacting nearly every company across the country—but there are two key pieces to the puzzle that might be able to help.

Acquisitions: Take a Look Inside

Back in 2013 I penned a feature about the M&As (mergers and acquisitions) that were coming fast and furious in construction—and the ultimate impact on the industry.

Investments Prepare AEC Integration

Integration enables construction companies to improve business processes by linking model data to other business process in the office and at the jobsite—and now new investments could further this trend in the future.

Investing in Innovation

During the past few years, the construction industry has seen a number of equity partnerships that are shaping how technology is leveraged.

IoT Awakens Construction

The IoT (Internet of Things) is truly altering the construction industry. What’s more, there are some very interesting key IoT-enabled construction trends making their mark known that are worth mentioning. The first that is worth noting—most of you already can guess—is green building. There is no doubt green building is a bit of an umbrella term that has many meanings for several different things when it comes to the processes of designing and building and then operating and maintaining structures.

Drones Take Flight

The tarmac just got a little bit more crowded, as drones are looking to make their presence known at major international airports.