Tech to Change the Jobsite

All too often we talk about what the big tech providers are doing and how they are going to change our lives. But the real question comes down to: how are these tech moves going to impact our business? Well, we are actually getting a real glimpse into what many of the large technology providers are looking to do by simply taking a closer look at their patents. It’s really very telling to keep a close on the patent market.

Field Apps Drive Productivity

The construction industry has embraced field apps, which leads the way for global industries that need to capture structured forms and freehand information for analysis, reporting, and archiving.

Growth for Mobile

Dating back to 2006 with an app for the Blackberry, e-Builder has always been an early innovator of native mobile applications as part of its e-Builder Enterprise construction management software suite.

Connected Tools Come to Construction

With the rise of connected devices, it was only a matter of time before connected tools and hardware began to truly infiltrate construction jobsites.

Multifamily Builder Reduces Printing and Wasted Time

For more than 20 years, CBG Building Co.,, Arlington, Va., has specialized in the construction and real estate industries, building more than 60,000 homes and apartments across the United States—including housing units in mixed-use communities, luxury apartments, campus housing, military housing, senior living, and high-density apartments.

Making Construction Technology Decisions

How the construction industry leverages technology is changing—and construction executives need to keep up or they are going to be left behind.

The Impact of Mobile in Construction

As many construction professionals know all too well, mobile is the way of the future. With contractors constantly needing data on-the-go, the smartphone and tablet have become some of the most useful tools at the jobsite. Although, more so than the hardware itself, the content and data generated on the device is essential.