Beat COVID-19 with Better IAQ

Here at Constructech, we have been writing about the rise of healthy homes and the importance of leveraging technology to improve IAQ (indoor air quality) for years—but the topic has become more mainstream as building owners are now scrambling to make their facilities habitable during the colder months. As this trend gains fast momentum, we will need to take a hard look at how building systems operate and make long-term changes for the future.

Automation in Commercial Buildings

While the smart home has become a trend, adding “smart” to commercial buildings has lagged behind, finding proponents for only a few categories of automation: HVAC (heating ventilating, air conditioning), lighting, access control, and fire and safety. According to ABI Research, new emerging applications in space management, environmental monitoring, asset management, and cleanliness and hygiene management are being offered as either standalone solutions or to augment existing building automation systems for improved building sustainability. Together, these new solutions will grow at 32% CAGR (compound annual growth rate) during the next eight years to create $2 billion in software and services revenues by 2026.

The Age of Robotics and AI in Construction

We are entering the era of robotics and AI (artificial intelligence), where machines can help make decisions about work being done on construction jobsites, while also taking some of the back-breaking tasks off workers. A historically labor-intensive industry, robotics offer an opportunity to help automate projects and heighten productivity.

Your Construction Finance Data

I recently came across an interesting report that less than half of construction finance data is centralized—and quite honestly, it doesn’t surprise me. However, what is promising is the amount of individuals that recognize the potential impact of AI (artificial intelligence) and automation.

Let the Robots Rise Up in Construction

The construction industry is facing a worker shortage, and here is a recommendation to combat it: Let the robots rise up in construction—and at the same time reskill the human workers right alongside the machines.

Preparing for Construction after Hurricane Season

The worker shortage is impacting how the construction industry rebuilds following natural disasters—but perhaps technology can step in and help after hurricanes, tornadoes, or other similar events.

Construction Companies Wow with IoT Use

In the past few year, I have been a bit discouraged by the lack of investment in technologies in buildings and homes. To me, it seems when the terms automated-home technology and building automation began to fade from existence so too did the announcements surrounding the implementation of technologies in buildings. Perhaps it was the downturn, or a wait-and-see approach, but the amount of truly innovative stories were few and far between—that is until now.

Can Tech Help Move Green Forward?

On the heels of Earth Day, there is a lot of research flooding my inbox surrounding green construction techniques and practices. Perhaps some of the most interesting point to the fact that digitization initiatives will actually be essential to spur the future of energy and environmental markets.

Stop Worrying about the Robots Already

I recently came across research that suggestions fear of automation could be affecting worker’s health, and quite frankly I was surprised by the findings.

Smarter Sales and CRM for Construction

Sales, CRM (customer-relationship management), and marketing are key components to both commercial and residential construction projects. Today, new technology tools are enabling builders and contractors to better manage these processes.