Eyes (Almost) in the Sky

It seems like cameras have been monitoring construction jobsites since film was on a roll and had to be developed. There are photos of construction being done on 1920s buildings, such as the Empire State Building, but those were done by adventurous and brave photographers who climbed the steel alongside the ironworkers, all to “get the shot.”

Twenty-five years ago, the digital age came to monitoring when Earthcam installed the first webcam in Times Square, New York. Since then, EarthCam has been developing technology that has made live cameras integral to every-day life. In the last year, EarthCam has launched new locations such as the Grand Canyon and added the latest robotic 4k camera technology to New York’s Times Square and the Statue of Liberty.

The Real Technology Revolution: “Entrenched” Benefits

When it’s time to invest in technology for your construction project, it’s essential to focus on product benefits, rather than features. Features, as we all know, can create genuine interest and “sex-appeal,” and can even be revolutionary. But a quote I heard a few years ago sets the stage perfectly: “Innovation is rewarded … execution is worshiped.”

Getting Serious about Photo Documentation Workflow and Quality

Automated photo documentation is one of the simplest steps a GC can take to improve cost, efficiency, and safety through applied technology. It is widely accepted as a best practice to provide as-built documentation, simplify project management, and improve stakeholder transparency. The key is to deploy a system that is fully automated and cost effective so that it provides the full ROI potential.

Keeping an Eye on Telematics

Cameras have proved to be beneficial for tracking progress and offering new perspectives of the construction site, as well as instrumental in improving safety for fleets everywhere.

Security Solutions Capture Better ROI

Today’s mobile security camera system provides stepped-up performance, such as response to on-site motion alerts and support of high-resolution video without dropping frames.

Construction Cameras Bolster Efficiency

Today’s building professionals, including real estate developers and general contractors, rely heavily on construction time-lapse cameras to help them and their teams monitor the build and manage project logistics.

24-Megapixel Construction Camera Announced

High-resolution jobsite images, high-definition time-lapse videos, and intuitive technologies, asserts construction Webcam service provider OxBlue, http://oxblue.com, Atlanta, Ga., can connect everyone on a project to the jobsite and with each other for better project management, better communication—and a more efficient build.

Smart Home Moves Forward

For the construction industry, smart-home technology is changing how houses are built—and technology providers are continuing to evolve the platforms for the home.