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Innovation in Product Strategy, Customer Management, and Talent Development

Innovation is the cornerstone of CMiC’s business model and go-to-market strategy. CMiC relies on innovation on three essential fronts: its product strategy; the way it manages its customer lifecycle; and its talent development approach.

Weis Builders Leverages ERP

Weis Builders was founded back in 1939 and serves clients nationwide today as a third-generation, family-owned general contractor. Since the beginning, the company has maintained a reputation for building solid relationships and continues to exceed client expectations today.

The Evolution of ERP in Construction

The numbers are well cited: 69% of construction organizations are manually re-entering data from application to application. The lack of standards and integration among technology systems in the construction industry have hampered adoption of software in the past.

Spreadsheets, Forecasting, and the Productivity Problem in Construction

As practitioners in the industry know far too well, construction has a productivity problem—fueled by a high proportion of projects coming in over budget and behind schedule.


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Tightening Integration

Having construction data across all project participants ultimately improves workflow and increases efficiencies. In order to enable this type of collaboration, ERP (enterprise-resource planning) providers continue to partner in order to enable that realtime exchange of data.

A Deployment Strategy

As technology has evolved, many of the leading ERP (enterprise-resource planning) software providers have changed how they go-to-market with software, and the features and functionality of the products.

The Right Support

CMiC has been one of the leading providers of ERP (enterprise resource planning) solutions targeted to the construction industry since 1974, with a focus on offering a highly scalable and integrated ERP solution, including features and functionality for accounting/job costing, project management, and more.