Illinois Back Pay Settlement

Builders in Illinois are governed by the Prevailing Wage Act which requires contractors and subcontractors to pay laborers, workers, and mechanics employed on public works construction projects no less than the general prevailing rate of wages—consisting of hourly cash wages plus fringe benefits—for work of a similar character in the county where the work is performed.

Asking Why in Construction

This morning, as I drove to the office, I saw a young backpack-clad girl riding on a hoverboard. Putting aside for a moment potential fire fears and patent infringement concerns that recently arose in the U.S. market, I still ask myself, why?

Invest in Lean, Collaboration

Ian Howell, CEO, Newforma,, Manchester, N.H., identifies where contractors should spend IT dollars in the year ahead and factors driving construction companies to invest.

New Software for Changing Times

ConEst Software Systems also continues to update its software. For example, it has added a feature to JobTrac project-management software, which allows clients to track productivity trends of actual installations by crews and individuals on their expected output per hour, day, week, month, or date range based on user defined rough-ins and materials.

Partner, Partner, Partner

ConEst Software Systems has also developed a number of partnerships, creating integration with others in the space to create a fully automated end-to-end bidding and project-management solution for electrical and data cabling contractors.

Open Software

In addition to building out its product portfolio, IPM Global has also joined COSA (Construction Open Software Alliance) to help in expansion and transitioning outside of the core project management discipline.

A Leader in Visual Documentation

When it comes to visual documentation in construction, Multivista is leading the pack, providing a high level of quality control and verification.

The Future for Mobile

The construction jobsite is changing. The availability of data has changed how project managers and superintendents complete a project.

New Solution Synchronizes Contractors with Customers

ClickSoftware Technologies Ltd.,, Burlington, Mass., announced Service Networks for Contractors, a new mobile field-service management solution that synchronizes the scheduling, dispatch, and work completion between construction companies and the clients in retail, manufacturing, and home services.