Digital Twin and the Data Tsunami

Engineering data, schedules, enterprise data, control and sensor data, GIS (geographic information systems), LiDAR: There is a veritable data tsunami that is happening in businesses these days, and construction and engineering companies are now tasked with harnessing all this data, which comes at the same time as the new Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Enter digital twins, which are able to not only reign in the data, but will also enable contractors and engineers to make better and faster decisions. Let’s explore.

Making Data Work for Us

Data, data, data. The volume of data has doubled in the last three years and is the lifeblood of the construction industry—and now one new report suggests better data strategies could save the global construction industry $1.85 trillion. Let’s take a closer look at how this will unfold.

Big Cold

The pharmaceutical industry has many regulations and requirements imposed by the government to protect the end user, and that means the collective us.

Data-Driven: Infrastructure Construction Looks for an Answer

Of course, we live in a data-driven world. From your handheld computer, called a smartphone, to the supercomputer on your desktop, data is everywhere. The social media that has become the go-to source of communication and interaction depends on input—data—to provide that communication.

Going Digital in Construction

Can machines help construction professionals think better? A recently released study by Bentley Systems implies many in the industry do not believe so—or, at the very least, their actions suggest they don’t. Of the 720 construction business professionals surveyed, just shy of half (44.3%) of the respondents in Bentley’s survey say they have limited or no insight into company or project performance. However, 45.2% say they do recognize the importance of collecting project data, they’re just not doing it or making the most of it.

All about Data and Safety

It was all about data, and a little bit about safety, at last week’s HxGN LIVE, Hexagon’s global digital solutions conference. Let’s me share a few examples with you to give you a glimpse into how it envisions automating data processing in construction.

Digital Water: What It Means for Construction

The IoT (Internet of Things) has proliferated many aspects of personal and professionals lives. The trend is moving into our infrastructure, with a new report suggesting that data has “woven itself into the central fabric of the water economy.”

The Future of CRM in Construction

The age-old business adage that the customer is king rings true in today’s always-on, always-connected society. For residential builders, this is as evident now as it has ever been, and predictions show analytics and technology are going to be key to driving forward a successful CRM (customer-relationships management) strategy.

Avoid Operational Disruption in Construction

Digital transformation is essential for the construction industry—but the disruption to business process can be challenging. In particular, ERP (enterprise-resource planning) software offers an integrated approach to business processes ranging from sales to accounting, CRM (customer-relationship management), and beyond.