Let’s Be Honest about BIM

Many of the analyst and research companies are jumping on the BIM (building information modeling) bandwagon, releasing reports that are forecasting the growth of the market. I have had an opportunity to scan many of these reports, and it seems there is one key point missing from most that needs to be addressed.

BIM: In the Field

At the onset of this BIM blog series, I suggest there are endless opportunities for how the modeling data can extend to other construction processes. This week I would like to explore potential opportunities for BIM-related data out at the construction jobsite.

Women in Construction: Building the Future

Last week, a news item passed my desk that grabbed my attention—Linda Gonzales was promoted to CIO of The Opus Group, with a focus on building the growing “Information of Everything” trend. As one of the women named to the inaugural Constructech Women in Construction list in 2015, she is only one example of how women are making an impact in construction every day.

Field Apps Drive Productivity

The construction industry has embraced field apps, which leads the way for global industries that need to capture structured forms and freehand information for analysis, reporting, and archiving.

HVAC Firm Selects Software

A growing Florida HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) contractor has selected an ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution to manage its expansion.

RFID at the Jobsite

A methanol production complex in Beaumont, Texas, scheduled to begin with the first phase of construction in November, will leverage IoT (Internet of Things) technologies to help realize process efficiencies and reduce costs throughout the lifecycle of the project.