2022 Predictions: The Smart Home

In the last few weeks, we have embarked on a blog series, looking at general technology trends, the digital infrastructure needed, and specific technologies that will impact construction. We have also explored what the worker and customer wants and how that influences construction, with a focus last week on cities of the future. Today, let’s narrow in on the home of the future.

Residential Builds Innovative Homes

The residential construction market is seeing a resurgence of new projects, driven by the use of new, emerging technologies—both in the construction of the projects and in the homes themselves.

Bringing the Smarts to the Neighborhood

Over on Constructech TV, Peggy Smedley has been talking a lot about what is a smart connected city—and what is needed from the construction community to help build intelligent buildings, homes, and infrastructure. I am a strong proponent that one of the best ways to learn how to do something is by looking at other examples and by doing. So for this blog, allow me to take you inside some smart homes and neighborhoods.

Rebuilding after Hurricanes

From hurricanes in the South to fires in the West, natural disasters have been wreaking havoc on this country, and much needs to be rebuilt. In many cases, rebuilding stronger, safer homes and buildings starts with the codes themselves.

Top Tech Trends in Residential Construction

The residential construction industry has a unique set of needs that technology can help solve. Today, two big emerging technology trends are unfolding in the construction industry.

Building a High-Tech Home

Building a high-tech home comes with its challenges. Builders and architects need to take into account unique requirements for cabling and systems.

PulteGroup Integrates Virtual Reality

Effectively visualizing a home by looking at a 2D floor plan is challenging for most potential homebuyers. VR (virtual reality) is an engaging way to interact with a new home design.

New Zero Energy Community to Be Built

In Central California, a new grid-connected community called De Young EnVision is being built that will include 36 Zero Energy, connected homes designed with the potential to produce as much clean energy as they consume in a year.

Home Energy Report Card

A new survey from Lennox, lennox.com, Richardson, Texas, finds the top areas where homeowners are willing to invest to increase energy efficiency—which could signal where homebuilders should focus their efforts in the months ahead.

Building Automation Moves Forward

Many of you following my blogs in the past few weeks know I am doing a series on what technology is hot, and what technology is not. The first focused on 3D printing, while the second addresses mobility including apps, VR (virtual reality), and AR (augmented reality). The objective is to help you with technology buying decisions in the year ahead. Today’s focus is automation in buildings.