Staying Connected in Rural Areas

Slow Internet speeds can be frustrating, especially in rural communities where connectivity is at its worst. The new IEEE 802.22b standard,, is hoping to improve Internet and monitoring services for underserved communities around the world.

‘Gig City’ Impact on Construction

Delivering high-speed broadband is key in the connected city—and Chattanooga, Tenn., is now offering residents 10 GB Internet service across its expansive fiber optic network.

The Future of Ecommerce in Construction

For those of you that may remember, the role of ecommerce systems in the construction industry gained quite a bit of traction in the late 1990s, as a way to improve the buying and selling of goods using computer networks.

Telematics Grows for Construction

The construction industry is increasingly becoming connected, with the use of telematics, RFID (radio-frequency identification), and other technologies becoming more widely used on projects. As such, technology providers continue to come to market with new solutions.

Net Neutrality: What It Means for Construction

As a company in the construction industry, have you considered how the newly approved provisions and rules from the FCC (Federal Communications Commission),, Washington, D.C.—called the FCC’s Open Internet Order—will impact your business?

IT Employee Confidence in Construction

Many say IT is a strong field to be involved in right now, as technology has high growth potential, but with the emergence of the ‘cloud’ and SaaS (software-as-a-service), IT departments are beginning to shrink, due to maintenance being outsourced.

New Tech Tools Launch in Construction

Today the Internet has become a common network for more and more companies, and is being used to make data available to all customers and partners. For many, being able to access data in the cloud improves business processes.

IoT Comes to New Homes

The talk of the connected home has been swirling for a while, with a number of homebuilders adding home automation such as lighting controls, audio/video, and other advanced systems to new homes to entice buyers.

The Walsh Group Connects the Jobsite

The Walsh Group,, Chicago, Ill., has big plans for technology in the future—chiefly moving its Microsoft SharePoint environment into the cloud with Microsoft Azure.