Mobile: Advent of the App

Earlier this year, I wrote a blog focusing on the evolving nature of mobile in the construction industry, addressing everything from devices, to apps, and other related technology. Today, and in a series of blogs throughout the next few weeks, I would like to focus in on one area in particular—apps.

BIM Innovation in Cloud

BIM (building information modeling) is at the heart of creative innovation and smart building. And the technology just keeps evolving. Case in point: BSD (Building Systems Design Inc.),, Atlanta, Ga., recently released the latest version of BSD LinkMan-E, a BIM linking product that has now been configured to permit cloud access.

The Connected Jobsite

As many of you might already know I recently had a conversation with Epic BIM’s John Grady about the future of technology in construction—and he has some interesting thoughts that I want to explore in some more detail.

Making Construction Technology Decisions

How the construction industry leverages technology is changing—and construction executives need to keep up or they are going to be left behind.

Home Security Goes Keyless

Home security is an important part of owning a home. Increasingly, a connected home security system is becoming an equally important part of homeownership.

New Tech Tools Launch in Construction

Today the Internet has become a common network for more and more companies, and is being used to make data available to all customers and partners. For many, being able to access data in the cloud improves business processes.