Where’s Waldo? Satellites Will Find Him

When map making was more art than science, dragons and monsters were depicted roaming the earth, providing the viewer with some distraction from the crude nature of the actual map. Maps were intended to portray, as accurately as possible, the spatial relationships between features – that is, where a feature is located relative to other features—and were, hopefully, drawn to a scale. In the early days, this may have varied across the map, especially ancient maps and simple sketches found on clay tablets, for example. In fact, since many map makers never saw the land they documented, instead depending on sketches brought back by explorers, maps might emphasize some features that were important to the map maker’s sponsor or benefactor and omit certain other features, depending on the goals.

Mapping the Terrain

LiDAR—Light Detection and Ranging—equipment offers significant, detailed aerial mapping capabilities to organizations seeking to visualize large areas. Surveying vast areas for future development, road building, mining or quarrying can be done faster and with greater accuracy using LiDAR and developers are finding this approach valuable. One company offering LiDAR service is Woolpert, Dayton, Ohio. With over a dozen aircraft and four available Leica Geosystems TerrainMappers, a linear-mode aerial lidar sensor, Woolpert collects aerial, terrestrial, and bathymetric data, as well as acoustic data, for projects that range from national and coastal mapping programs to road design to disaster mitigation.

Construction: Tech Gets to Work

From residential homebuilding to commercial infrastructure projects, construction companies need the right tools both in the office and at the jobsite. Today, the hardware for the jobsite continues to advance, offering new ways to manage projects.

What’s Next for Fleets?

Trimble, www.trimble.com, Sunnyvale, Calif., has extended its portfolio of fleet and field service solutions with the launch of Trimble Fleet Express.

Tech in North Dakota DOT Project

On a new highway construction project, Stanley Consultants,www.stanleyconsultants.com, Muscatine, Iowa, assists the NDDOT’s (North Dakota Dept. of Transportation), www.dot.nd.gov, Bismarck, N.D., using mobile and GPS mapping technology.

Mobile Mapping for Construction

Looking for faster in-house geospatial service? Construction technology can help analyze data quickly and enable mapping while out on the jobsite.