Put Lessons Learned to Work in 2018

For the construction industry, 2017 has been a busy rollercoaster of a year. But before the dust settles on 2017, contractors should spend some time reviewing lessons learned and create baselines and benchmarks for an even more profitable 2018.

Take a Detour around the Pitfalls of Estimating

No matter your size, many contractors struggle when it comes to estimating and focusing on the best, most profitable work. Estimating is rife with obstacles—from rushing to bid work to not being selective enough in the bidding process. But avoiding the pitfalls of estimating isn’t about working harder, it’s really about working smarter.

Apply Lessons Learned for Higher Future Profits

Hurrying—it’s an easy trap to fall into for contractors. You rush from job to job without slowing down to take stock of what went right or wrong on the last project. It may seem rather tedious to review the fine details of the project just completed, especially when you’re off and running to the next one.

The Essentials of Estimating

I have been thinking a lot about estimating lately. It seems to crop up as one of the key areas of focus for many construction companies. A good estimate often directly equates to a good bottomline, which is why it is so essential for construction companies.

Technology Improves Bidding

Construction companies know the value of estimating solutions that enables contractors to easily, accurately, and consistently increase project win rates and profit margins.