Bluetooth Asset Tracking and Accounting

The jobsite is cluttered with equipment during a build. Tools, hand and power, are everywhere. Cables, hoses, pipes, and tiedowns litter the site. Then the question can be heard, “Where’s my…?” Finding the missing tool can be a challenge or a minor annoyance depending on how you handle inventory and tracking.

DEWALT offers one answer. The Tool Connect System is designed to seamlessly track, assign, and manage jobsite inventory to optimize productivity, saving time and budget. The Tool Connect Chip (DCE042), a Bluetooth beacon add-on, that allows tools to easily and wirelessly work with the Tool Connect System adds tracking capabilities that are compatible with Tool Connect Site Manager software, available for web and mobile, that adds, manages, and tracks inventory for jobsite visibility.

Our Future Jobsites

Years ago, I wrote a feature article about what the future jobsite might look like. This article painted a picture of what a jobsite might look like years down the road, with tools tracking themselves and pieces of equipment humming along unmanned. Much has changed since that time, yet much has stayed the same.

Faster Charging, Faster Working

The proliferation of battery-operated power tools has caused some concerns about on-site charging. Generators, for example, shouldn’t run constantly so the faster batteries are charged, the better the worksite experience…and the faster the tool’s batteries are back online. DeWalt’s new 12 Amp Fast Charger (DCB1112) and 6 Amp Charger (DCB1106) are designed for use in tough jobsite conditions, allowing professionals to quickly charge their DeWalt batteries and get back to work.

Construction Tools Get Smart

I have been writing about the IoT (Internet of Things) before we even called it the IoT. In the past few years, traction has steadily picked up in the construction industry and it isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. One area the IoT has made its mark is with tools.

Smarter Construction Tools

New hardware that integrates with smartphones or tablets is becoming invaluable for measurement and quality control on jobsites. With a focus on MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) system energy performance, I have found several new tools that are indispensable additions to anyone’s field kit. Beyond MEP, these gadgets can assist with a range of construction tasks.

The Connected Construction Jobsite

For those of you who follow this blog closely, you know that I have been covering what it takes to enable a smart, connected construction jobsite. In the past four weeks, I have dove into workers, materials, construction equipment, and tools. Today, I am going to wrap the series up, giving my perspective on what works, what doesn’t, and what is needed going forward.

Stop Worrying about the Robots Already

I recently came across research that suggestions fear of automation could be affecting worker’s health, and quite frankly I was surprised by the findings.

Measuring Up at the Jobsite

While on the jobsite contractors need to be able to measure distances quickly and easily. Whether it is measuring the distance between two walls or between two pipes, having the right tools to do so is crucial. Without proper measurements there could be consequences.