Our Future Jobsites

Years ago, I wrote a feature article about what the future jobsite might look like. This article painted a picture of what a jobsite might look like years down the road, with tools tracking themselves and pieces of equipment humming along unmanned. Much has changed since that time, yet much has stayed the same.

Connected Hardware Takes Off

The next generation of technology—connected hardware—is beginning to make its mark on the construction industry. While tools themselves are changing, so too are the software and apps associated with tools.

ToolWatch Constructech 50 2016

Misplaced tools can cost a construction company thousands, if not millions, of dollars—not to mention the productivity loss associated with time spent looking for lost tools. The good news is ToolWatch can help.

Field App Moves Construction Forward

Apps provide contractors and builders with the opportunity to gather and disseminate data from the jobsite. New apps are entering the market every day, aimed at making the business of construction easier.

Tool Tracking: An Inside Look

Perhaps one of the most telling signs that a company is doing well is a look inside customer success stories. ToolWatch, www.toolwatch.com, Englewood, Colo., has more than 4,000 of them.

Connected Hardware: Next-Gen Construction Winners

Many construction companies have leveraged software, and even apps, to improve business productivity on projects. However, the next generation of technology comes in the form of connected hardware—and it is beginning to make its mark on construction.