Collaboration 2020 Style

COVID-19 and the resulting orders for stay/work at home for many occupations has led to a reassessment of how business can operate. Jobs that were office-restricted are being seen as office-optional and workers who can function productively at home are being allowed to do so, even as restrictions are being lifted in many states.

What does this reevaluation of work suggest for the near future?  IDC (Intl. Data Corp.) forecasts that, by 2021, the contribution of “digital coworkers” will increase by 35% as more tasks are automated and augmented by technology. IDC also predicts that, by 2024, enterprises with intelligent and collaborative work environments will see 30% lower staff turnover, 30% higher productivity, and 30% higher revenue per employee than their peers.

Keeping Track with Cloud-Based Solutions

The integration of the IoT (Internet of Things) on construction jobsites is helping construction companies save costs on lost and stolen equipment. Technology proves to be a solution to find expensive equipment that is not registered under a database.

RJP Consulting Group Adopts Enterprise Solution

The amount of high-profile clients handled by RJP Consulting Group, www.rjpconsultinggroup, Downinngton, Pa., means the company is constantly handling a massive amount of projects spread across a wide geographic location.

Talent Management Steps Up

Today’s technology, featuring the next generation of mobile apps, has enhanced experience for job seekers and recruiting companies alike. Regardless of what device an applicant chooses to use, they’re able to provide required information, with a more seamless and comprehensive interface.

Customer Success

OxBlue has a long line of customer success stories in construction, but one of the more recent comes from the use of its technology on a week-long Blitz Build for Habitat for Humanity.

GPS: What’s the Big Deal?

Did you ever notice that when a new technology is introduced there seems to be pushback or hesitation as to whether or not it has real sustaining value?

Addressing the Great GPS Debate

It is a tale as old as the Internet. When a new technology is first introduced, there is some pushback as to whether it is beneficial or not.