TLA in Technology

In the early days of consumer computing, once the monster was let out of the academic cage and allowed to roam free in homes, offices, and factories, there was a flurry of companies that became known as the TLA group: three letter acronyms. IBM and DEC were the leaders but SUN (actually Sun Microsystems, but usually known as just SUN) was also part of the club.

Today, TLA most often stands for two letter acronyms: AI, (artificial intelligence), ML (machine learning), AR (augmented reality), VR, (virtual reality), and several others. Shorthand for some of the more advanced technologies, these TLAs are growing together into a coalition of confusion. What are they? How do they interact?

Virtual Tech Training

Schools, colleges, universities, almost all educational opportunity has been virtual during the COVID-19 pandemic. Online courses, online classrooms, online “Zooming” has replaced in person meetings and discussions. But a different form of virtual training is coming, and the results will have a great impact on tech training, especially.

For example, Alabama is one of several states facing a shortage of certified diesel technicians and mechanics, qualified to service commercial trucks and diesel-powered equipment used for construction. To keep pace with new equipment, changing industry standards, and a growing percentage of technicians reaching retirement age, the industry will require approximately 200,000 new technicians and mechanics over the next ten years.

Technology Predictions for Construction: AR and VR

AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), and MR (mixed reality) have been around, especially in the consumer and gaming market, for years, but construction firms are beginning to realize the benefits that these technologies have to offer.

AR in Homebuilding

Residential construction continues to get a boost with new technology, especially with the growth of emerging technology such as AI (artificial intelligence), AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), and so much more.

Residential Trend Booms in Construction

One thing the residential construction community has done really well is recognize trends and respond. When buyers requested more energy-efficient homes, builders delivered. When they asked for more “smarts” in the home, technology is what they got. Now, homebuilders are recognizing another growing trend that is getting ready to explode—senior living developments.

AR at Work in Construction

I always pause when I hear about new emerging technologies—because quite candidly, technology only brings value if it solves a critical business problem.

AR, VR, Wearables: Emerging Technology and Construction

Emerging technologies—wearables, AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), AI (artificial intelligence), machine learning, digital twin, and more—continue to proliferate the construction industry. Companies need to be aware of what technologies are coming—and which are a good fit for the jobsite.