24-Megapixel Construction Camera Announced

High-resolution jobsite images, high-definition time-lapse videos, and intuitive technologies, asserts construction Webcam service provider OxBlue, http://oxblue.com, Atlanta, Ga., can connect everyone on a project to the jobsite and with each other for better project management, better communication—and a more efficient build.

Multivista Sells Pennsylvania Franchise

Multivista, www.multivista.com, Phoenix, Ariz, a provider of visual construction documentation services, has sold its southeast Pennsylvania franchise to Justin Davis, an experienced Multivista operations manager.

Webcam Benefits Construction

The Armed Services YMCA broke ground in May on a new facility in Killeen, Texas, home to Fort Hood, and is using a construction Webcam to document and monitor construction.

A Global Reach

As a provider of visual construction documentation including photo, video, and Webcam services for both residential and large commercial construction projects, Multivista is looking to expand its reach.

A Look Back

In 2001, OxBlue began R&D (research and development) of a solution that would deliver hardware, software, back-end infrastructure, and communications technology all within one system.

Cameras: Snapshot of Success

Today more and more construction companies are turning to construction cameras for clients to monitor and document progress, as camera solutions have evolved.

Viewing Construction Progress

Realtime images of construction progress at the Hilton West Palm Beach Hotel at the Palm Beach County Convention Center are available via construction technology.

Webcam Offers View of Restoration Work

A live view of the turf restoration project at the National Mall is available, allowing the public to experience the significant changes taking place on America’s front yard from the vantage point of the Smithsonian Castle’s North Flag Tower.

An Eye on the Jobsite

Construction companies continue to improve inefficiencies using technology for jobsite monitoring.