Is your construction business considering the impact drones could have on operations in 2015? A new platform currently in development, is expected by its developer to have the capability to take drones—and other unmanned vehicles—to another, even smarter level.

Valmie Resources,, Denver, Colo., has announced its end-to-end cloud platform, AIMD (Autonomous Intelligence for Mobile Devices), which it says will help users manage and control independent mobilized devices.

“Valmie is creating a powerful and feature-rich modular platform for enhancing the connection between many types of unmanned vehicles, including drones, and other smart systems,” says Gerald Hammack, president and CEO of Valmie Resources.

According to the company, the difference between AIMD and other systems will be its improved ability to act on realtime operational intelligence and effective workflow—accessible anywhere, anytime.

The AIMD platform, featuring the capability for robust customization, will collect data from the unmanned vehicle’s independent controller units back to a cloud-based modular resource network for aggregation and analysis.

The AIMD platform will have the capability to determine intervention thresholds, quickly route pre-determined responses, communicate critical information to the operator, and in some cases deploy solutions in realtime.

“The AIMD platform will not only enable collection and transmission of the most precise data and images,” explains Hammack, “but also will provide improved analysis, reporting, and in some cases include the capability to deploy action in order to immediately address detected issues.”

With platforms that serve as critical tools for data analysis, enabling mapping, surveying, 3D modeling and more, drones are currently in use across multiple industries around the world, including agriculture, construction, infrastructure, search and rescue, and ecological study.

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